About Our company and product.

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About Us

Indonesia have a lot of Mineral resources such us; Calcium Sulfate (gypsum), Calcium Carbonate, montmorillonite/Clay, diatomaceous, Zeolit, etc. source in Sumatera, Jawa Barat, Jawa Timur and Sulawesi and other area.

To meet domestic needs of some of raw mineral resources, Indonesia still imported from others country and Some of our mineral resources exported to others country but still in raw mineral resources.

Now We (CV. AMI) become one of few companies who mining, processing and trading of the mineral resources.

The first of our product is Activated bleaching earth (Powder and Granule

With supporting by high dedication, professional and wide experience team, We want become one of famous producer Activated bleaching earth in Indonesia

Our mining/raw material from West Java, Central Java, Eat Java and others area from Indonesia, which selected only the best raw material to become a good quality of Activated Bleaching earth


Become A raising company who supplies and produces a high quality of Mineral resources in Indonesia.


To Provide a high quality and competitive Mineral resources and Activated Bleaching Earth through professionality, good effort and best service to the client.


To decided the Activated Bleaching Earth to be used, the Oil Processing Company should think about price, effectiveness and Quality.

Price, some of product have low price with the low effectiveness and low quality of bleaching

Some of them is high quality but expensive We give the best choice with a good quality and high effectiveness


  • Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), Dolomite,  Calcium Oxyde (CaO),
    Slaked Lime Ca (OH)2
  • Gypsum dihydrate (CaSO4-2H2O), Gypsum Anhydrate  (CaSO4), Gypsum alfa and Beta hemihydrate (CaSO4-1/2 H2O)
  • Bentonite Natural Powder, Bentonite Drilling, Bentonite Moulding, Calcium Bentonite, Natrium Bentonite
  • Zeolit Powder, Zeolit Crystal, Zeolit Granule, etc.
  • Kaolin
  • Silica
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Cat Litter
  • Charcoal, Activated carbon (Carbon Active)
  • Manganese
  • Iron Oxide
  • Activated  Bleaching Earth Powder and Granule (import and Own product


  • Bleaching Earth, Fuller’s Earth

Activated Bleaching Earth/Fuller’s Earth is Highly Activated Monthmorilonite and Attapulgite, mainly use for oil purification, Oil Filtration and regeneration (Edibel oil, Diesel Oil, kerosene/turbine/transformer/Hydraulic Oil, etc.)

  • Activated Bleaching earth usually used in processing of
  1. Edible oil
    Palm Oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, cotton seed oil, olive oil, soya bean oil, sun flower oil, corn/maze oil, etc.
  2. Fats Oil, Fish oil, Beef tallow, Hardened fats
  3. Non-edible oil/Mineral Oil, Petroleum distillation process, Recycle waste oil, Rejuvenate of transformer oil, Parafin wax, Crude diesel oil become diesel oil

Removed impurities and become accepted quality in health and commercial wise, Activated Bleaching earth not only make decolorization of the oil but can reduce;

  • FFA (Free Fatty Acids)
  • Chlorophyll, xanthophyll, carotenoids,
  • Oxidative of Product; Peroxides, phosphatides, ketone and Aldehydes
  • Soap, gums, Monoglycerides & Diglyceride
  • Heavy metal such as; PB, Cu and other toxic elements.
  • Other process can handle Effluent treatment plans very well to bleaching adsorb the sulfur (desulphurization)


A. Fuller’s Earth
Normally use as filter media in the bag filter, cartridge or bulk

B. Bleaching Earth

Commonly have 2 methods to use Activated Bleaching Earth in the refining process;

1. Dry Bleaching

Heating the oil and then mixing it with Activated Bleaching Earth, better if this process in vacuum condition, will help to reduce the water content in the oil
After this process, the powder removed by filtering the oil

2. Wet Bleaching

This process use water to make Activated Bleaching Earth  works more efficiently. Water added in the form of citric acid solution and mix in to the heated oil.
Wet Bleaching is better in the quality and  lower cost even the start up process are higher then dry bleaching.